UV Air Sterilizer (Mobile)   UV Air Sterilizer (Wall)  

Gudrun Ozone Hand Dryer pull polluted air from the toilet to its chamber where the polluted air is sterilized by either UVC light or Ozone before the air is discharged into the hand of the user. Bacteria and any micro-organisms will be eliminated by the UVC light source or being oxidized by the ozone component.

Gudrun Ozone Hand Dryer provides GOOD AIR with hygiene in mind for our customers and environment.


• Reduces the risk of cross infection from airborne bacteria
• Creates a cleanser, healthier environment
• Air Purifying
• Safe Hand Drying
• Ozone Destroys Bacteria & Molds
• Keeps Washrooms Safe and Hygienic
• Runs Silently
• Simple and Easy To Maintain
Sense Distance
Motor Speed
: 12-18cm
: Wall/Portable
: 220/240v 50/60Hz
: 850w
: 18,000rpm
: ABS Plastic Casing
: CE & CCC